Raising Resilience

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma in order to support young children in need of on-going and additional social-emotional supports

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CoP Name

Raising Resilience: Trauma-Informed Care for Preschool Professionals

Course Description:

A Community of Practice (CoP) to engage childcare professionals in learning about developmentally appropriate practices that promote recovery from trauma experienced through adverse early childhood experiences.

Community of Practice Philosophy:

Through the perspective of trauma-informed care, CoP members will discover how to embed opportunities to help children heal from traumatic early experiences into the classroom. By focusing on promoting safety, emotional literacy, and self-regulation, childcare professionals will be better able to teach young children the social-emotional skills they need to engage in developmentally-appropriate relationships and reduce challenging behaviors.

Raising Resilience-Foundations

In this cohort we will be learning, reflecting and discussing introductory information around trauma responses and trauma sensitive care.

Monthly Meetings: Foundations Cohort will meet the 1st Saturday morning of each month at Casa de Los Niños in the Moore Conference Room-1120 N. Fifth Ave.

Raising Resilience-Advanced

In the advanced cohort we will take a more in depth and experiential approach to further understanding attachment, trauma triggers, responses, and strategies that support building resilience through relationships.

Monthly Meetings:

Contact Information: Advanced Cohort will meet 3rd Saturday morning of each month at St. Marks Early Childcare Center – 1431 W. Magee Rd.

Anna Mello-Lewis

(520) 235-1435