Quality for All

Strengthening principals’ knowledge of early childhood development and learning and acquiring strategies for including all children. This is for principals who have pre-k classrooms in their schools.

Registration 2020-2021:

Registration will begin on July 13, 2020 and will end on August 31, 2020. To register, please watch the video about the Community of Practice with instructions on how to register. This CoP is available to TUSD principals and specialists only.

Name of CoP

Quality for All

Course Description:

TUSD Preschool , a community of practice(CoP), TUSD, will work with 25 elementary school principals in implementing practices that better meet the needs for low-income and minority populations in TUSD Preschool programs.

Monthly Meeting:

3rd or 4th Monday of the month 9AM-11PM


Various TUSD Elementary Schools

Contact information:

Mary Bouley