Pascua Yaqui – Inspire Inclusion

Increasing early childhood professionals’ knowledge to support high quality inclusive classrooms for young Pascua Yaqui children with special needs.

Course Description:    

Introduction to theory and application of early childhood classroom planning, guidance techniques and classroom management with a focus on inclusive practices. Includes application of developmental theories, developmentally appropriate practices, behavior management, cultural implications, teaching practices, professional development, and self-evaluation.

Course Overview:

Development of the early childhood community through best practices, collaboration, and innovation. Instructional practice guided by NAEYC Standards and expressed in course goals and student learning outcomes.  Sustainability of accessible, responsive, research-based instruction. Integration of ECE ethics, integrity, and professionalism Respect for the diversity of our community.  

Conceptual Frameworks:

All conceptual frameworks will be addressed throughout the course. Developmentally Appropriate Practice is a fundamental part of the inclusion curriculum. Inspire Inclusion focuses on seeing each child as an individual, working closely with families to support inclusive practices, and supporting cultural and individual differences. Content aligns with the goals and objectives of the Arizona Early Learning Standards and Infant Toddler Developmental Guidelines and Program Guidelines for High Quality Early Education: Birth through Kindergarten. Members will have an opportunity to apply the modifications and adaptations learned in class it to their lesson plans, position statement and philosophies aligning them with the appropriate standards and guidelines. Using Mind in the Making members will develop skills to support children’s ability to become better learners and community members. We will focus identifying the seven essential skills and ways to incorporate this learning in our daily life. System Thinking and the Habits of a System Thinker will be incorporated into discussions and reflection sessions that support problem solving and evaluation of our work.

Arizona Workforce Knowledge and Competencies:

Throughout the ten session course Inspire Inclusion will focus on each of the workforce competencies as we work through our curriculum. We will develop the skills to support an understanding of child growth and development, identifying red flags through observation and assessment and support curriculum development. We work closely with teachers to support their work with families through the identification process supporting the whole child.

CoP Session information:

We will meet every other month on a Wednesday from 12:30 pm -3:30 pm at Ili Uusim Mahtawa’apo- Pascua Yaqui Head Start

Contact information:

Erin Aguilar