Linking Leaders

Supporting center directors and owners in acquiring strategies to support staff in their professional growth, and in implementing high-quality administrative practices and leadership skills to better serve the most vulnerable children in order to raise the quality of the children’s learning environment.

Name of CoP
Early Childhood Development Group – Linking Leaders

Linking Leaders links center owners, directors and teachers who serve the most vulnerable children to resources and information that raise the quality of the children’s environments.

Linking Leaders incorporates developmentally appropriate practices into all coaching and mentoring events.  Linking Leaders believes that owners, directors and teachers that are connected to resources and other professionals will be more effective teachers and administrators.

How to enroll
Childcare centers are enrolled by the owner/director. Administrators must agree to attend the nine (9) Administrators Cohort training sessions.

A Teachers Cohort is available for center staff. Administrators must nominate staff members to enroll in the Teachers Cohort. Nominated staff must make a commitment to attend the nine (9) training sessions. 

When and where classes/sessions are held

Administrator Cohort sessions are held once a month. Tuesday evening at 6:30pm or 12:00 noon on Wednesdays. A separate meeting for the Teacher Cohort will also be held once a month on Saturday from 9:00am to 11:00am.

Members will also receive quarterly coaching at their place of employment, via a virtual platform such as Zoom, or a location convenient to the member and the coach.

Those who enrolled in ECE 117 Child Growth and Development, will receive college credit hours. Open to Great Expectations Community of Practice members.

Contact Information

Kathy Steele
Leadership Educator

Teresa Bayze Leadership Educator