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Increasing early childhood educators’ knowledge and skills in order to promote emergent literacy and langauage in Pascua Yaqui children.

CoP Name

The Story Project: Language, Learning, and Literacy Pascua Yaqui Tribe Head Start

Course Description

In The Story Project: Language, Learning and Literacy, a community of practice(CoP), Make Way for Books will engage Pascua Yaqui Tribe Head Start educators in developmentally appropriate practices that
promote emergent literacy, language, and meaningful learning for the infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children in their care.

Coaching and professional development workshops are provided and educators gain tools and skills to support appropriate and effective early language and literacy teaching practices.

Community of Practice Philosophy:
Through the perspective of my story, your story, our story, CoP members will discover how to embed multicultural, multilingual practices into daily interactions with children that will promote their language, literacy,
and social emotional development. Pascua Yaqui Tribe educators will learn how to collaborate with parentsand to empower children to explore their identity and self-concept through intentional and engaging literacy
and language experiences. Make Way for Books vision is to effect change by working to establish a solidfoundation for the young children in the community that fuels their further achievement. “Family by family,
teacher by teacher, child by child, book by book, we believe that we can create lasting change in our community”.

Learning Goals
Upon successful completion of the course, each member should be able to:
1. Study and reflect on how children acquire and develop emergent reading, writing and language skills.
2. Explore strategies to select high-quality, culturally diverse books and share them in developmentally appropriate
ways to create opportunities for authentic conversations, facilitating the exchange of ideas, opinions and feelings.
3. Create an environment conducive to meaningful experiences and instructional developmentally appropriate
practices that help children thrive in the home-based setting, using an ongoing curriculum that meaningfully
integrates concepts and skills.
4. To communicate regularly with families to inform about cognitive, social-emotional and physical development,
providing parents and guardians with family activities that support children´s language and literacy development.
5. Understand the importance they have to set the stage for children to become successful readers and feel
empowered to be agents for positive change in the community.

CoP Coordinator Contact Information

Lina Armijo


Maria Elena Iturralde