Providing developmentally appropriate practice for engaging our youngest learners, using science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Time will also be spent on building rich and deep connections to other subject areas.

Also offered in Spanish

Registration 2020-2021:

Registration will begin on July 13, 2020 and will end on August 31, 2020. To register, please watch the video about the Community of Practice with instructions on how to register. To register for the English cohort please fill out this form. To register for the Spanish cohort please fill out this form.

La inscripción comenzará el 13 de julio del 2020. Para registrarse, vea este breve vídeo sobre la Comunidad de Práctica. Para registrarse a la Comunidad de Práctica de STEAM en español, por favor llene esta forma.

CoP Name


Description –This is a Community of Practice (CoP) of professionals who work in early care and education environments serving birth through 5 years in Rural Pima North areas. This CoP focuses on providing high-quality professional development for educators to engage and empower their students with authentic, relevant, and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities while cultivating STEAM minds.

Descripción— Esta es una Comunidad de Práctica (CoP) de profesionales que trabajan en el cuidado y educación temprana sirviendo a niños recién nacidos hasta 5 años en áreas rurales de Pima Norte.  Esta CoP se enfoca en proporcionar desarrollo profesional de alta calidad para que los educadores involucren y empoderen a sus estudiantes con oportunidades de aprendizaje auténticas, relevantes y apropiadas para el desarrollo mientras cultivan mentes STEAM.

Learning Goals–

  • Teachers will implement hands on and minds on engaging STEAM activities.
  • Teachers will build their knowledge on how to cultivate STEAM minds.
  • Teachers will learn to use all supplies and equipment provided to implement the lessons and activities in their own classrooms the very next day.
  • Teachers will engage with a wide variety of resources to use in their classroom.

Metas de aprendizaje—

  • Los maestros pondrán manos a la obra y las mentes en la participación de actividades STEAM.
  • Los maestros podrán fortalecer sus conocimientos sobre cómo cultivar las mentes STEAM.
  • Los maestros aprenderán a utilizar todos los suministros y equipos provistos para implementar las lecciones y actividades en sus propios salones de clases al día siguiente.
  • Los maestros participarán con una amplia variedad de recursos para usar en su clase.

Texts & Resources:

  • Big Questions for Young Minds-Extending Children’s Thinking by Janis Strasser & Lisa Mufson Bresson
  • Arizona Early Learning Standards
  • Arizona Infant and Toddler Developmental Guidelines
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Early Childhood Programs: Serving Children from Birth through age 8 by Carol Copple & Sue Bredekamp
  • Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky
  • Habits of a Systems Thinker by Waters Foundation
  • Program Guidelines for High Quality Early Education: Birth through Kindergarten
  • Where’s The Math: Books, Games, & Routines to Spark Children’s Thinking by Mary Hynes-Berry & Laura Grandau

Textos & Recursos:

Big Questions for Young Mind-Extending Children’s Thinking by Janis Strasser & Lisa Mufson Bresson

(Grandes Preguntas para las Mentes Jóvenes: Ampliar el pensamiento de los niños por Janis Strasser y Lisa Mufson Bresson)

Arizona Early Learning Standards

(Estándares de aprendizaje temprano de Arizona)

Arizona Infant and Toddler Developmental Guidelines

(Guías de desarrollo para bebés y niños pequeños de Arizona)

Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky

Habits of a Systems Thinker by Waters Foundation

(Hábitos de un pensador de sistemas por Waters Foundation)

Program Guidelines for High Quality Early Education: Birth through Kindergarten

(Guias del programa para la educación temprana de alta calidad: desde el nacimiento hasta el kínder)

Attendance & Participation- Participants are expected to attend all 10 class sessions. Please notify coordinator if unable to attend. Active participation is required when doing class related work, discussion and/or activities.

Asistencia & Participación— Se espera que los participantes asistan a las 10 sesiones de clase. Por favor notifique al coordinador si no puede asistir. Se requiere participación activa cuando la clase requiere trabajo, discusión y/o actividades.

Contact information

Coordinators: Amanda McPherson & Carmen Barnes Phone: 520-664-4366 & 832-585-3503

Email: &

Location: United Way, 330 N. Commerce Park Loop #200

Meeting Days:

English- 2nd Monday of every month (August-May) Spanish- 3rd Monday of every month (August-May)
Meeting Times: 6:00pm- 8:30pm