Improving early childhood teachers’ understanding and use of instructional support for children from infancy to kindergarten.

Community of Practice Description:

The “ELEMENTS” Community of Practice focuses on improving the use of instructional support strategies in early childhood classroom settings in the Pima North region. 

Enrolled members will meet in person once a month for professional development sessions related to instructional support and classroom quality improvement. The Arizona Infant/Toddler Developmental Guidelines, Arizona Early Learning Standards, 7 Essential Life Skills from Mind in the Making, and Systems Thinking will all be uniquely woven into professional development sessions.

Members will deepen their knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice by focusing on concept development, quality of feedback, and language modeling with young children.

Member benefits include:

  • 25 hours of professional development.
  • A minimum of 4 coaching sessions.
  • Reflective journaling.
  • Online group support and resources.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and learn from other early childhood teachers and directors in the community.
  • Opportunities to learn from Local and National Experts throughout the year (for additional PD hours).
  • Optional monthly networking opportunities to connect with fellow members and further discuss session topics.

Learning Goals:

By the end of the year, members will be able to:

  • Understand the Instructional Support Domain of the CLASS assessment tool.
  • Feel confident practicing conversations that support concept development, quality of feedback, and language modeling.
  • Have a deepened understanding of developmentally appropriate practice.
  • Understand how nurturing the development of the 7 Essential Life Skills from Mind in the Making and the Habits of a Systems Thinker can lead to improved outcomes for children.
  • Identify connections between Instructional Support and the Arizona Early Learning Standards/Infant and Toddler Developmental Guidelines, and the Az Program Guidelines for High Quality Early Education.

Resource Materials: Each member will receive a journal for taking notes and responding to reflection questions.  Throughout the year, members will receive various articles, copies of presentations, and handouts to support their learning.  Members are encouraged to join the ELEMENTS closed Facebook Group to connect throughout the year and share various resources.

CoP Sessions

Every first Thursday of each month

6:30-9:00 pm

Location: TBD

Contact information

Amber Jones


Connie Espinoza