Enrollment to a Community of Practice (only happens from July – September)

  1. Fill out or update an interest form and sign two consent forms seeking permission to collect, store, and report data per various requirements.
  2. Select the Community of practice you want to join.
  3. You will be invited to attend a first session intended to provide a professional development advising session to talk about your educational path and the learning goals you have for the fiscal year.
  4. You will be considered enrolled once you have created or updated your Professional Development Plan with assistance of a CoP Coordinator.
  5. Attend a minimum of nine professional development sessions from August through May.
  6. Receive free mentoring, coaching, consultation, Professional Development Advising, and peer-to-peer technical assistance from Coordinators.

NOTE: When you have had the professional development advising, 1st session, have attended professional development sessions, and have received a technical assistance session of any type, you are considered participating in the Communities of Practice.