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Name of CoP
Project BEST (Believing in Education through Support & Training)

Improving the Quality of Infant and Toddler Care

Project BEST uses the nationally recognized PITC (Program for Infant/Toddler Care) Partners for Quality curriculum to offer college level coursework and individualized coaching to center-based and family childcare providers. This program focuses on meeting the fundamental needs of infants and toddlers in group care settings through six essential program policies: primary care; small groups; continuity of care; individualized schedules and routines; inclusion; and cultural sensitivity and responsiveness.

Some topics covered include:

How to enroll
Enrollment period begins in July through August. Classes will begin meeting WEEKLY from August-December and January-May.

Participants MUST commit to a full year of attendance which includes a minimum of 64 hours of professional development, individual coaching hours, reflective journaling, and homework assignments.

When and where classes/sessions are held
Classes will be held at various locations to serve the First Things First North and South Pima regions.

Participants may elect to receive 6 college credit hours upon successful completion of this program.

Contact information
For enrollment information, please contact Cynnamon Woodberry at (520) 323-4282 or cwoodberry@cfraz.org.