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Project BEST (Believing in Education through Support & Training)

Improving the Quality of Infant and Toddler Care in Pima County


The Project BEST Community of Practice (CoP) is a professional development program that offers college level course work and individualized coaching to center-based and family child care professionals caring for infant and/or toddler aged children. The program uses the nationally recognized PITC (Program for Infant/Toddler Care) Partners for Quality curriculum, conceptual frameworks supported by the Great Expectations for Teachers, Children, Families, and Communities grant, and the textbook Infants, Toddlers, and Caregivers: A Curriculum of Respectful, Responsive, Relationship-Based Care and Education.

This program focuses on meeting the fundamental social and emotional needs of infants and toddlers in group care settings through six essential program policies: primary care; small groups; continuity of care; individualized schedules and routines; inclusion; and cultural sensitivity and responsiveness.

Project BEST provides a responsive, relationship-based approach to infant/toddler care, built on sound developmental research, theory and practice. Participation in this Community of Practice provides a framework for a developmentally appropriate curriculum planning and is presented using a comprehensive series of adult learning strategies. This professional development program includes a total of 55 in class hours, up to 20 hours of coaching, and many opportunities to learn from national experts.

Coaching for members happens through journaling, group coaching, on-site, and individual sessions, as requested.  A minimum of 8 hours of coaching per person is required for the program.

This program is offered for 3 college credit hours through Pima Community College.  Credits are earned upon successful enrollment and completion the 2018 Spring Semester.

Credits earned are for:

When and where classes/sessions are held

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm-9:00pm at Child & Family Resources, Inc. The CoP meets 8 times in the Fall and 15 times in the Spring. *College course begins in the Spring*

Contact information

For enrollment information, please contact Bonnie Simmons at (520) 320-4036 or bsimmons@cfraz.org.

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