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Improving Pre-K Instructional Support


Name of CoP
Public Preschool Instructional Support

To improve public preschool teachers’ understanding and competence in providing sustained and intensive instructional support to all children.

The philosophy underlying the work is Lev Vygotsky’s constructivist learning theory.  In addition, AZELS, DAP and the interactions as outlined in the CLASS assessment are foundations of the work.  Powerful Interactions (Dombro, Jablon, and Stetson, 2011) provides a framework for learning about how to connect with young children in order to extend their thinking and is a key resource.

How to enroll
Credits are earned toward ADE for teacher recertification.

When and where classes/sessions are held
Sessions are held in a location convenient for participants.

Sessions typically begin in August and continue through June.

Length of session or class (hours not dates): Average 2 hours

Cohort members are required to participate in coaching, keep a Weekly Reflection Journal, and attend 80% of sessions.

Contact information
Ticia Brewington
(520) 334.5833