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Inspire Inclusion

Creating developmentally appropriate inclusive early childhood education settings.

In the United States, universal access to inclusive programs for all children with disabilities is far from a reality (NPDCI, 2009). Research suggests that children in inclusive programs, both with disabilities and without, will benefit from being in an inclusive environment, especially as it relates to their social development.

Through the Inspire Inclusion Community of Practice (CoP), participants will expand their knowledge of how to plan for and implement high quality inclusion in their early childhood education programs.

The 2009 joint position statement on Early Childhood Inclusion* from the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) states that the defining features of a high quality inclusive program are access, participation, and supports. Participants will engage with each other and a variety of subject-matter experts and resources to explore and deepen their understanding of what access, participation, and supports means when applied to their work.

National Professional Development Center on Inclusion. (2009). Research synthesis points on early childhood inclusion. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina, FPG Child Development Institute, Author. Available at: http://npdci.fpg.unc.edu

How to enroll
For enrollment in the Early Childhood Inclusion Series, the infant/toddler social-emotional competence series, or the preschool social-emotional competence series contact Erin Aguilar.

College Credit: 3 credits can be earned for inclusion series, 1 college credit can be earned for EACH social-emotional competence series attended.

When and where classes/sessions are held
(Inclusion Series) 2nd Saturday of each month

EasterSeals Blake Foundation
330 N Commerce Park Loop


Tucson, AZ 85745

Inclusion Series: August-May
Social-Emotional Series: TBD

Inclusion Series: 4.5 hours/session
Social-Emotional Series: TBD

Requirements related to attendance, previous classes taken, assignments, and other information that YOU think would be helpful to a prospective cohort member.

Regular attendance is mandatory. If you miss more than 2 classes you will receive a failing grade. College level reading and writing is a prerequisite. On-site coaching using the Inclusive Classroom Profile is provided for all participants.

Contact information
Erin Aguilar