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Great Expectations for Teachers, Children, and Families

Expanding Skills in Early Childhood Teachers in Cochise County




Sierra Vista Douglas Subject or Topic
55 South 5th St. 721 E. 11th St.
August 12th 9am-12 August 23rd 7pm-9pm Introduction to Course
Sept 2nd 9am-12 Sept. 20th 7pm-9pm Personal care/ environment/interactions
Oct. 14th 9am-12 Oct. 25th 7pm-9pm Challenging behaviors
Nov. 4th 9am-12 Nov. 15th 7pm-9pm listening & talking/ emotional support
Dec. 2nd 9am-12 Dec. 13thth 7pm-9pm instructional learning formats/ instructional support/ engaged support for leaning
Jan 6th 9am-12 Jan. 17th 7pm-9pm instructional support/ child assessments
Feb. 3rd 9am-12 Feb. 21st 7pm-9pm curriculum/ staff qualifications/ administrative practices
March 10th  9am-12 March 14th 7pm-9pm Classroom management/ activities
April 7th 9am-12 April 18th 7pm-9pm wrap up

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