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Implementing developmentally appropriate practices in all early childhood classrooms.






Name of CoP

Las Familias. Whole Teacher-Whole Child

United Way’s innovative professional development grant supports the work of Las Familias/Whole Teacher, Whole Child, SAzAEYC Community of Practice. Funding for this opportunity is brought to you by First Things First, www.azftf.gov. First Things First, approved by Arizona voters, works to ensure that our youngest children have access to quality early childhood experiences so they will start school healthy and ready to succeed. Across the state, FTF regional partnership councils – in collaboration with local leaders – identify the educational and health needs of children from birth through age 5 in their communities and fund strategies to address those needs.

Communities of practices are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.                                                                                                     — E. Wenger

Our members work back and forth along a continuum—

We believe communities of practice have been proven to be a powerful force for professional learning and growth in a variety of work environments. Positive change is more likely to happen and be sustained in moments when people doing the same work engage together over time with what is described as “waves of related ideas” (Curtis, Lebo, Cividanes, & Carter, 2013).

Contact information

Coordinators: Kelly Larkin, Sarah Woodworth and Julia Butler

Email: sarahwoodworth1@gmail.com

Phone: 520-869-8736 (Kelly)