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Facilitating pathways from Associate’s to Bachelor’s degrees


Name of Community of Practice

Facilitating completion of early childhood associate degrees at Pima Community College (PCC) and smooth transitions to early childhood bachelor’s degree programs, with a special focus on using departmental supports at PCC and the University of Arizona.

ENLACE is a Spanish word meaning interconnected, like a braid.
ENLACE is also an acronym in English:
Educate, Nurture, Lead, Advocate, Communicate, Envision.

ENLACE’s philosophy is that early childhood associate degree candidates benefit from college environments that are responsive to their needs and assets.  Positive reciprocal relationships facilitate associate degree completion and support transfer from an associate Degree to a bachelor’s degree.

Our focus is supporting students in completing the general education requirements of associate degrees in early childhood and providing information and resources to successfully transfer to a bachelor’s degree program.

How to enroll
Must be enrolled as an early childhood student at Pima Community College to be a member of ENLACE.  Additionally, course prerequisites exist for specific math courses (see below.)

Click here for more information about enrolling at Pima Community College.

When and where classes are held
All ENLACE supported courses are held at Pima Community College Desert Vista Campus.


 Fall, 2015

MAT 146- Math for Elementary Teachers I

crn 10658

3 credits

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00pm-5:15pm

Math Coaching: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:15pm-8:00pm

Desert Vista Campus

First Class: Tuesday, September 1st 2015 Final Class: Thursday, December 18th 2015 (16 weeks)


Full Year 2015-2016

MAT 089- Foundational Studies in Mathematics

crn 90037

3 credits

Saturdays 1:30 -2:45 pm

Math Coaching: Saturdays 12:00pm-1:30pm

Desert Vista Campus

First Class Saturday, August 29th 2015 Final Class Saturday, May 14th 2015 (32 weeks)


Spring, 2016 (Details Coming Soon!)

MAT 147- Math for Elementary Teachers II

 MAT 106-  Elementary Data Analysis with Spreadsheets

 CSA 100- Computer Literacy

Access to class registration and math coaching is restricted to ENLACE members.

MAT 089 Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in the College and within the last three years have taken the Compass Mathematics Assessment.

MAT 146 Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in the College and within the last three years: must have taken MAT 142 or 151 or higher with a C or better, or Compass Mathematics Assessment into MAT 167 or higher.

Contact information
Maricruz Ruiz, Program Coordinator
Pima Community College Center for Early Childhood Studies
(520) 206-5022

Shanna Kukla, Program Manager
Pima Community College Center for Early Childhood Studies
(520) 206-5245

Our Vision
Every young child has access to high quality experiences with well educated adults.

Our Mission
Develop the early childhood community through instruction, collaboration, and innovation.

Our Goals